What Our Clients Have to Say...

“As New Yorkers who came to love Mexico City as our home away from home, we wanted to buy an apartment...but had no idea how to navigate the paperwork or the sprawling local real estate market. Thanks to Peters & Romero Bienes Raices, we found an affordable condominium in a great location in Condesa. Carmella and Hector were with us every step of the way--and then found a tenant for us within two days! Their tremendous experience, savvy, patience, and good humor made all the difference.”

---- Jeff C. and Gracie M.

Why Mexico City?

The food. The energy. A big international city feel while still having the ability to have an immersive and authentic Mexican experience -- all a quick flight from the US. 

How was your experience buying/renting a property in Mexico City different from your experience in your home country (if applicable)? 

It's been surprisingly competitive - good properties get picked up really quickly. The biggest difference for me was how strenuous the application screening process can be and how many guarantees like an "aval" are required my many landlords. 

What advice would you give to fellow international house hunters?

Start your search early and take any help that you can get. ALWAYS go see a property in person. 

What was the main reason that made you decide to move to Mexico, and Mexico City in particular?

Para hablar/aprender español!

What did you appreciate about working with the team at Peters&Romero?

They just felt like good people that I could trust - it also didn't hurt that they both spoke English :) 

How can the team at Peters&Romero improve their service?


---- Jessica J.