Financing a Purchase

Some financial institutions may be willing to provide prospective buyers with a pre-approved mortgage, reducing the time period from offer to transfer of property. However, mortgages are generally sought after a contrato de promesa de compraventa has been signed and the bank has received details of the property.

Mortgages are a secure way to finance a property purchase and the contract between the borrower and the financial institution is certified by a notary public and registered in the Public Registry of Property. Cash may be used to purchase property, but transactions of more than $500,000 M.N. must be reported to the tax authorities (Sistema de Administración Tributaria - SAT) as a measure to prevent money-laundering. This is generally done by the notary public and other parties involved in the transaction.

Mortgage contracts are regulated by the Civil Code of the state in which the contract is signed, as well as by the Central Bank of Mexico.

The process of buying, selling or renting any type of property or land is regulated at a state level in Mexico. While some procedures in the property purchase process may be identical in all states, others may differ. This page gives an overview of what is involved in buying a property in Mexico, prepared by certified real estate agents who are experts in the Mexico City property market. It contains advice that should not be considered a legal document nor should it imply any liability for its authors in case there are some discrepancies with the processes involved for the sale or rental of a property. It should also be noted that for particular practices and requirements in areas other than Mexico City, advice should be sought from professionals familiar with the property market in that state.

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